• Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

    System design, integration, engineering management, flight test and technical support for fixed and rotary-wing UAVs.

  • Ground Control Stations

    UAV ground station hardware and software design, including data links, digital video and network-enabled operations.

  • Product Development

    Start-to-finish product development, from circuit design to software to packaging.

  • Mapping and Location Analytics

    Innovative technologies for collecting, analyzing and displaying location and geographic data.

  • Electronics Design

    Hardware and software all in one place. Analog and digital circuit design, PCB fabrication and assembly, embedded systems, firmware and software.


High Q Technology will use the right engineers to meet the needs of your project in a wide variety of fields. You don't have to spend the time to locate people with the right skills, and you don't have to commit to employing anybody when you just need something accomplished. This is the new way to solve problems. This is the new way to engineer.

Control Systems

System identification, robotics, sensors and controllers, aircraft flight control. Make things happen.

Product Development

Software, electrical and mechanical design capabilities give us the flexibility to develop products from start to finish.

Data Analytics

Gather, process and analyze data and statistics to make them more useful and more valuable. Data has a lot to say.

Mapping and GIS

Location data and telemetry demand maps, and vice versa. We can analyze and display this data in new ways to detect trends and solve problems.

Wireless and RF Systems

Analog and digital radio design, implementation and integration, from kilohertz to gigahertz and kilobits to gigabits.

Digital Video

Video compression and streaming technologies. Optimize for bandwidth, storage, distribution and user experience.

Networks and Cloud Computing

Wired and wireless network configuration and installation, servers, data transport, security, and the cloud.

Finance and Markets

Stock market models, data analysis, and algorithm development for creating investment strategies and finding arbitrage opportunities.